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Peonies have a rich ancient history in Asia

 Peony is a flower of the plant known by the same name. The genus Peony is also spelled as Paeonia and Paeony and belongs to the family of Paeoniaceae and order Saxifragales. Peony or peonies is a flower found in abundance across Asia, especial East Asian countries like Japan and in various provinces of China, Taiwan and South East Asia. In Europe, peonies are commonly found in the south while some western states in North America are known for abundant natural growth of peonies. The peony plant is typically herbaceous and perennial. 

Peony is known by several other names. The list of names typically covers the flower peony and how they are known in different countries and cultures. There are also different names for the various species of the peony flower. Some other names of peony are Bai Shao, Chi Shao, Moutan, Mu Dan Pi, Piney, Pivoine, Shakuyaku, Shao Yao, Ud Saleeb, Udsalam and Udsalap among numerous others.

The flower of the peony plant has been regarded as the ‘King of Flowers’, ‘Prime Minister of Flowers’ and have symbolical and cultural significances. In China and Japan, peony is a very popular flower and that has been characterized by its featuring in art, sculptures and various traditional and contemporary uses by the people. Peony is the official state flower of Indiana and it has also found a place in the national emblems of China. 

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Peony is a bright and vibrant flower which is larger than many other popular flowers used today. Although it is categorized as red, white and yellow by most botanists and florists, peonies are found in pink shades and the hues are often various blends of red and white with unique saturations of either. 

Peonies also find a reference in Greek Mythology wherefrom the word peony is believed to have been derived. Paeon was a student of the Greek god of medicine and healing Asclepius and when the god became angry of Paeon and wanted to destroy him, Zeus had turned him into the flower which has come to be known as Peony. 

This beautiful flower is also  is used for a variety of different purposes. Due to its charming appearance and wholesome blossom, it is used at weddings and many events. Artificial peonies have also become very popular today at almost all kinds of events and gatherings.

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