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Both have types have their advantages and disadvantages

There is a time and place for real flowers, just like there is a time and place for artificial ones. Real flowers are very sensitive to their environment, especially sunlight - which makes it tough in small apartments and offices. No artificial flower will match the aroma of their real life counterparts, but they make up for it in lifespan and durability. 

No pollen, no problem. Jasmine and sunflowers are some of the notable flowers that elicit allergic reactions from the general population. If you're purchasing flowers for high foot place traffic like restaurants or offices you'll have to think twice about real flowers. 

Last years, not days
While they might smell nicer in the short term than their artificial cousins they will certainly outlast them. Artificial flowers that are dusted every few weeks and kept out of direct sunlight will last almost a full decade. 

Can you really tell?
We are not saying to surprise your partner with a fistful of our artificial calla lilies for her birthday. However, it's impossible to tell if a flower is real or fake from a distance. You can also disguise your artificial flowers in a vaseful of water. 

Wilt and weep free!
Most real flowers do not do well in direct sunlight and some even wilt within the first hours. Other flowers like daises are more resilient and can last several weeks with water. 

Low maintenance
With artificial flowers you don't have to worry about repotting or forgetting to water them. Since they don't need direct sunlight you can use show them off in a dark room (apartments) with no side effects. 

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